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What are you doing Casey??


Back in August of 2017, I exited the telecom business, but I ended up with a bunch of junk that I really don’t want anymore. Phones, mugs, office supplies, random stuff that isn’t trash, but could have a home.

So after sipping my bourbon late one evening (May 4th, 2018), I decided to see if Facebook would buy some of my junk, starting with some mugs. Upon waking from my precious slumber, I saw there was interest. So I tossed together a quick website, and now you too have the ability to own some of my junk.

My junk will be your new favorite thing. For two reasons: 1.) It was mine. 2.) All proceeds are donated to the Kristen Brooks Hope Center (Hopeline), which is a suicide prevention network.

So please, buy my stuff.

-Casey B Strom

For customer service, call 425-563-7255 or email Allow for 2-3 days for me to ship your orders. This website has been fully secured and SSL protected.